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REPORT T&R Biofab Announces Research Collaboration for the Development of a 3D Bio-printed Soft Tissue Scaffold DATE : 2020.02.06 VIEW : 1742

T&R Biofab (246710, CEO: Wonsoo Yun), a leading 3D bioprinting company, signed a research collaboration agreement with Ethicon, Inc., part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, to develop a 3D bio-printed soft tissue scaffold. 


This collaboration aims to develop innovative soft tissue regeneration/repair products that are differentiated from conventional products in the market based on T&R Biofab’s platform technology using polymer, in situ extracellular extra cellular matrix (ECM) protein(s) and 3D bioprinting. Ethicon shall have the option to commercially exploit the 3D bio-printing technology from this collaboration exclusively, under terms to be negotiated subsequently. The execution of the research collaboration is being managed by the Johnson & Johnson 3D Printing Center. The transaction was facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Asia Pacific. 


3D bio-printed soft tissue scaffolds can potentially provide support to repair, elevate, and/or reinforce anatomical and structural deficiencies where weakness or voids exist. Potential uses and applications may include wound closure, wound patches, hernia repair, hand surgery, tendon repair, reinforcement of soft tissue in plastic and/or reconstructive surgery, repair of fascial defects, and general soft tissue reconstruction.


Dr. Wonsoo Yun, CEO of T&R Biofab, said, “We would like to use this opportunity as a stepping stone to generate synergy through the joint R&D agreement with Ethicon, Inc.”


About T&R Biofab

T&R Biofab is a biotech company founded in 2013. T&R has developed and commercialized bioresorbable medical devices and bio-inks and actively is actively researching for organoids (artificial mini-organs) and 3D-printed cell therapeutics, using 3D bioprinting technology, a major innovation for the 4th Industrial Revolution. 


Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

T&R Biofab Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Company”) protects the personal information of the information supplier pursuant to Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act and establishes and discloses the personal information handling guideline as follows to promptly and efficiently handle the difficulties relating to such. ?

1Objective of Personal Information Handling
Company handles personal information for the following objectives. The personal information handled is not used for any purpose other than the following objectives, and in the event the objective of use changes, necessary measures, such as obtaining a separate consent pursuant to Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act, will be taken.
  • Personal identification pursuant to the use of service and confirmation of real name
  • Procurement of communication channel for additional survey relating to product administration and delivery of medical information relating to the products
  • Handling of consumer complaints
  • Product research and development and improvement
2Personal Information Handling and Retention Period
  • Company handles and retains personal information within the personal information retention and use period consented by the information supplier at the time of gathering the personal information or the personal information retention and use period pursuant to laws.
  • Each of the personal information handling and retention period is as follows.
    1. Personal identification pursuant to use and confirmation of real name: 3 years
    2. Records on consumer complaints or settlement of disputes: 5 years from the termination date of handling the dispute
    3. Cases relating to product administration and medical information relating to the products: 5 years
    4. Product research and development and improvement: Until the achievement of the objective (for product research and development and improvement, only abstract information that cannot specify an individual after 5 years have passed may be retained)
3Rights and Obligations of Information Supplier and Exercising Method
  • The information supplier may exercise the rights relating to personal information protection in the following sections at any time against Company.
    1. 1. Demand to access personal information
    2. 2. Demand to make correction when there is an error
    3. 3. Demand for deletion
    4. 4. Demand for suspension of handling
  • The exercise of rights pursuant to Clause 1 may be performed against Company through writing, email, or fax pursuant to the form in Exhibit No. 8 of the Enforcement Regulation of the Personal Information Protection Act, and Company shall take measures regarding such without delay.
  • In the event that the information supplier demands for correction or removal regarding an error in the personal information, Company shall not use or provide the concerned personal information until the correction or removal is complete.
  • The exercise of rights pursuant to Clause 1 may be performed through an agent that has been consigned or a legal representative of the information supplier. In this case, a power of attorney pursuant to the form in Exhibit No. 11 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act must be submitted.??
4(Items of Personal Information Handled
Company handles the following personal information items.
  • 1. Personal identification and provision of service relating to products ?Name, address, phone number, email address, and occupation
  • 2. Other than that, the below personal information items may be automatically generated and collected in the course of using the service through the internet. IP address, cookie, MAC address, service usage records, visit history, poor usage records, etc
5Destruction of Personal Information
  • Company destroys the pertaining personal information without delay when the personal information is deemed to be no longer necessary, such as when the objective of handling has been achieved or the personal information retention period has lapsed.
  • In the event of having to preserve personal information pursuant to other laws, despite of achieving the objective of handling or the lapse of the personal information retention period consented by the information supplier, the pertaining personal information is preserved by transferring to a separate database or by using a different storage place.
  • The personal information destruction procedure and method are as follows.
    1. 1. Destruction procedure
      Company selects the personal information with a cause for destruction, and destroys the personal information by obtaining the approval of the personal information protection manager of Compan
    2. 2. Destruction method
      Company destroys personal information recorded or stored in an electronic file form so that the record may not be regenerated, and destroys personal information recorded or stored in a paper document through incineration or shedding in a shredder.
6Personal Information Safety Procurement Measures
Company takes the following measures to procure safety of personal information.
  • 1. Managerial measures: Establishment and implementation of internal management plans, regular employee training, etc.
  • 2. Technical measures: Installation of security program, encryption of matters such as unique identifier, installation of access control system, and management of access authority
  • 3. Physical measures: Access control such as to the data processing room or data storage room
7Personal Information Protection Manager
  • Company designates a personal information protection manager as below to take responsibility by controlling the work regarding the handling of personal information and to provide relief for damages and handle complaints of the information supplier relating to the handling of personal information. ?
    1. Name : Kim, Young-phill ?
    2. Affiliation : Administration Division
    3. Contact Information : 031-431-3344,
  • The information supplier may make any inquiries to the personal information protection manager for matters regarding damage relief, complaint processing, and any matters relating to personal information protection occurring while using the service of Company. Company will respond and handle the inquiries of the information supplier without delay.
8Modification of Personal Information Handling Policy
  • This Personal Information Handling Policy shall be applied from Jun 01, 2017.

Rejection of unauthorized collection of email addresses

Rejection of unauthorized collection of email addresses

We reject unauthorized collection of emails posted on this website by using email collection programs or other technical means, and it should be noted that any violation is subject to criminal punishment according to the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.